Proposal/Quotation Generation for Kitchen and Bath Items

Customer Name : CNSE Counter tops Inc
Industry  : Traders /Manufacturer
Deployment  Country : US
Solutions : Proposal/Quotation  Generation for Kitchen and Bath Items
Business Situations :  To generate Proposal /Quotes for Kitchen , Bath  Items as per different parameters for customers.
Problem Summary : During reviews with key Client resources, Intellect Software Solutions documented the following problems related to the current process team faced the following challenges :

  • Time consuming proposal/Quote  generation.
  • Time consuming Contract Management.
  • More time for reporting.
Solution Summary  : Intellect Software Solutions  recommend that  implement Proposal Generation Software to automate Proposal/Quote Generation  process.Components of the total solution include :1 ) Master Data setup.

2 ) Proposal /Quote generation.

3) Contract Bidding .

4 ) Reports

Benefits : 1) The Organization achieved   99% accuracy.2) Fast Proposal/Quote generation.3)  Easley track Proposal/Quote .

4) Easley generates reports.

Products & Services Server Base Software’s  :

  • Platform :  VB-6.0/ MS.NET-3.5 with Win form.
  • RDBMS : Access-2007
  • Reporting Tools : Data reports,Crystal Reports & Ms Office 2007.

 Sample Screen  :

Main menu

Main menu

Proposal Deatils

Proposal Details