Consignment Remote Inventory Management

Customer Name : BIOCARE 
Industry  : Pharmaceutical
Deployment  Country  USA
Solutions : Consignment Remote Inventory Management 
Business Situations : As a result of the recovery of the market, BIOCARE  wants to procure software for improved Remote Consignments ,Tracking & Inventory .This will be used based  on Tablet PC.
Problem Summary : During reviews with key BIOCARE resources, Intellect Software Solutions documented the following problems related to the current process for managing remote consigned inventory:

  • Significant opportunity for human error due to manual calculations and processes.
  • Outdated inventory numbers because of the time lag between report generation and the site visit.
  • Limited integration with the Oracle ERP requires manual back-office work.
  • Poor scalability for additional volume.
  • Lack of consistent processes across account reps.
  • Difficulty resolving errors because they are often discovered late in the process.
  • Lack of system-enforced controls and validation such as requiring price or purchase order numbers.
Solution Summary : Intellect Software Solutions recommends that BioCARE  implement Remote Consignment solution to automate the management of consigned inventory across many sites and account reps.  This solution utilizes remote computing devices that are fully integrated with the Oracle E-Business Suite applications to automate the counting and creation of sales orders for consigned inventory.  The solution is a solid foundation for the current consignment processes and can easily be expanded in the future to include on-site replenishment requests, returns processing, collection management, and other customer-facing tasks.

Components of the total solution include:Server-based software that allows the mobile devices to integrate with the Oracle EBS system.

1)   Download inventory data to the mobile devices.

2)   Upload count data, send emails, create sales orders, pick release, create delivery and (optionally) ship confirm.Software that runs on mobile tablet devices to support on-site work at the customer sites

1)      Download latest inventory data.

2)      Allow account rep to review counts, enter price, etc

3)       Capture sign-off of inventory consumption by customer

4)      Upload data back into the Oracle ERP

User and installation manuals

ISS  professional services for implementation

1)      Detailed process design

2)      Software installation and configuration

3)      User’s  training

4)      Production go-live support

Benefits :
  1. Good scalability.
  2. Fast reporting generation.
  3. No human errors in calculation & Process.
  4. Good Performance.
Products & Services :

Platform   :  MS .NET -2.0  , Win form with C# , Tablet SDK RDBMS   : SQL Server 2005,Oracle 10g ,Oracle ERP Suite.

Reporting Tool : Crystal reports .