WMS- Logistic System

Customer Name : Adani  Power Maharashtra Ltd-Nagpur. 
Industry  : Power
Deployment  Country : India
Solutions : Warehouse Management System.
Business Situations : APML   wants to procure software for Warehouse management With Bar-coding & Handheld Device Applications.
Problem Summary : During reviews with key APML resources, Intellect Software Solutionsdocumented the following problems related to the current process for managing Warehouse & Inventory :

  • Max human error due to manual Inventory calculations and processes.
  • Wrong Inventory & too much time for Reporting.
  • Poor Inventory Controls & Distributions.
  • Lack of consistent processes across account reps.
  • Lack of Distribution Inventory.
Solution Summary : Intellect Software Solutions recommends that APML  implement Warehouse Management Systemto automate Inventory, Tracking  & Reports.  This solution utilizes remote computing Handheld devices that are fully integrated with Server Based Back office applications to automate the Purchase Order ,GRN, Issue, Returns, Barcoding (for CASES & Items),Export & Reports.Components of the total solution include:Server-based software that allows the mobile devices to integrate with the Back office (Warehouse Management).1)      Import Consignment Details.2)      Generate Purchase Order.

3)      Import  Dispatch Details.

4)      Good Receipts With Barcode Generations.

5)      Goods Issue Note & Good Issues (Cases/Items).

6)      Case Breaks Details

7)      Good return Note & Good returns (Cases/items).

8)      Data Synchronizations (Download & Upload).

  • Download : Download Data from Backoffice to XML file.
  • Upload : Upload Handheald’s Data to Backoffice Server.

Software that runs on Handheld  devices (Motorola Symbol Devices-Windows Ce-5.x/6.x) to support on-site work at the customer sites

1)      Data Synchronizations :

  •  Download  : Download  Data from Backoffice  (from Specific Server file Path).
  • Upload  : Upload Handheld Data to Backoffice (At Specific Server file path).

2)      Good Receipts with Barcode Reading.

3)      Good Issues (Cases/Items) with Barcode Reading.

4)      Case Break Confirmation (Physical Inventory Count).

User and installation manuals

ISS  professional services for implementation

1)      Detailed process design

2)      Software installation and configuration

3)      User  training

4)      Production go-live support

Benefits : 1)      The Organization achieved   99% inventory accuracy.2)      The Company achieved Planning & process cycles for Distributions.3)       Easley track inventory of  Warehouse (by Locations) CASES & Items.4)      Minimized  98% human errors  in Calculations & Process.5)      Fast Distribution of Inventory .

6)      Fast Accurate reporting  for Management.

Products & Services Server Base Software’s  :

  • Platform : MS.NET -3.5,Ajax,Asp.Net with C#.
  • RDBMS : Sql Server 2008
  • Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports & Ms Office 2007.
  • Third Party  : Teleric control for ASP.NET-3.5

Handheld Device  Based Software :

  • Platform : Compact  MS.NET -3.5,Winform with C#.
  • RDBMS : SqlCE  Server 2008
  • Third Party  : SYMBOL barcode Components.