Activity Billing Portal

Activity Billing Portal helps in digitizing the project measurement data entry. It allows Vendor to directly enter the day to day service entry against each Work Order / PO. Once data entered by Vendor the same to be approved as per the defined Work Flow. Work Flow is configurable as per each Department.

Once all the service entry entered by Vendor on monthly basis the summary sheet/invoice can be generated once a month against which Vendor can send the invoice for payment.

RFID Application for Process Tracking

Process Tracking in manufacturing and supply chain management is getting more and more critical. RFID technology can help in automating the same.

With a handheld mobile application along with RFID tag can be used to track the various process and in real time update the other system.

We have helped customer in automating the QC process in automobile industry by reading the tag and sending it to a PLC or to another application which in turn will trigger the next step in QC.

We have helped customer in Pharmaceutical industry in tracking the various regulatory requirement by using RFID technology.

For any of your RFID project requirement you can contact us and we will help in providing the right solution.

Intellect Software Solutions – Mumbai – Maharashtra – India

We are a rapidly growing offshore and outsourcing Information Technology (IT) services company committed to providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions to our clients. We are service-orientated company who are driven by the reward of creating positive client relationships, and establishing unparalleled patron satisfaction. The ability to convert our client’s vision into a cost effective and efficient business solution is our distinct selling point.

ASP.NET & AJAX Software Development

There is lot of buzz around Web 2.0 and AJAX. Which to a non-tech IT person is difficult to understand. We at intellect software solutions can help cut through the buzz and help you create a simple elegant web solution based on your needs.

Our team of engineers are well-versed with ASP.NET development with AJAX framework. We have a solid experience in building simple to very complex web application . Our engineers can handle both Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 Database as well as MySQL database.

We can help design a simple user-friendly experience for your end customers. If you have any development need small or big, feel free to contact us with your details. I am sure you will not be disappointed.