1. What services does Intellect Software Solutions provide?

Intellect Software Solutions provides offshore software development services. The scope of our services is rather wide – from providing profiled offshore programmer teams up to implementing custom turn-key software solutions.

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2. How do I submit the initial information on a project to Intellect Software Solutions?

You can submit the initial information on a project in a form most suitable to you. If you already have a technical specification of the software product, we will consider it and send you a fixed-price offer. Our project manager can meet you to clarify and discuss all the details at any time.

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3. What stages does a project include and what responsibilities do you take?

Typically, a software project goes through the following phases:

1. Start-up (getting to know each other, presenting main expectations, mutual assessment);
2. Elaboration (detailing system concept, deliverables, project plan);
3. Development (programming, testing);
4. Deployment (transition of source code or installation of product, user documentation, training);
5. Technical maintenance/support or further enhancement of the software system (optional).
The scope of responsibilities Intellect assumes depends on the customer’s needs:
1. Research/Analysis of business needs and suggesting technical solution;
2. Preparation of a complete technical specification;
3. Offshore Development of the product;
4. Quality Assurance;
5. User documentation, on-site training;

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4. How do you communicate with the customers throughout the project lifecycle?

Email, Telephone, Instant-messaging text conferences (ICQ, MSN messenger, etc), video-conferencing, personal visits to a customer’s country or receiving customers in Mumbai, India.

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5. What does the project cost depend on and how is the payment arranged?

It depends on the contractual model used. Generally, there’re two main models: fixed-price and time&material-based contracts.

For projects with a detailed technical specification available, we provide a fixed-price offer, which is invoiced and paid in parts according to the payment schedule specified under the contract.

For long-term projects, where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance, we sign a contract stipulating the team roles and their rates, and invoice you monthly or bi-weekly according to the effort reports.

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6. Do your project managers and team members have a good command of the English language?

Our project managers are fluent in English language. We make sure that every project member can understand and read/write in English sufficiently well for successful project communication.

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7. What warranty does Intellect provide for its products?

Any errors discovered within the guarantee period (3-6 months depending on a project complexity) will be fixed promptly and free of charge.

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8. Who owns the copyright for the product and the source code upon the project completion?

Our work on your project is defined by the contract as work for hire. The contract will explicitly state that the customer possesses and retains all the rights for the product and the corresponding source code. Upon customer’s request, we will delete all the project-related data upon the project completion.

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9. Is it possible to make a personal appointment?

Yes, we consider personal meetings to be most effective for developing mutual trust at the beginning and for a quick project start-up. We are always happy to meet you in Mumbai, India.

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