Contractual Models

For every work a contract is signed. The contract will include general terms and conditions, such as:
-Confidentiality agreement;
-Transfer of all intellectual property rights to the customer;
-General liabilities of the parties;

Besides, for every type of the contract additional documents can be incorporated.

Fixed-Price Contracts

This type of contract means that the software project in question is described in the available documentation in sufficient detail, thus enabling Intellect to estimate the scope and complexity of the project and to provide a fixed price. In this case, the technical documentation, the project delivery schedule and the final price are stipulated in the contract.

When the project scope cannot be precisely envisioned at the moment (e.g. when a project lasts several years), another model is used:

Time & Material-based Contracts

For projects, in which the scope of work can vary during the project implementation, a time & material contract is signed.

Offshore Staffing

This type of contract is used only for projects that require offshore staffing. Under this contract Intellect is only responsible for providing the customer with team of profiled specialists and the required infrastructure/equipment. These employees are then under complete supervision and management of the customer, and can be considered as customer’s team working offshore, in India.

The customer is paying a flat rate for the employees, which covers all overheads and operating costs, while retaining exclusive responsibility for the management of the team and making effective use of the provided specialists.