Insurance & Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services companies are contending with a multitude of business challenges: consolidation, globalization, keeping up with new technologies, and greater customer demands in terms of privacy, security, and best practices. Intellect can help companies in this industry meet the challenges they face.

Banking and Financial Services is one of the leading industry practices at Intellect. Intellect partners with our customers for IT solutions to constantly enhance our customer’s vision about the role of technology in enhancing banking, insurance services and business transformation strategies. For example, we are adept in the design and implementation of the Internet or web as an additional channel for delivering end user online banking. Also, Intellect has expertise in other target solution areas such as portfolio management, insurance and securities related services. In addition, Intellect has expertise in: Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Risk Management, Transaction Processing, Loans Processing and Disbursement, Mutual Funds, Wealth Management, and Insurance.

Intellect combines its expertise, resources, and partner alliances to provide complete customer solutions, including business consulting, system design and implementation as well as project/process management services. In summary Intellect’s services are designed to address the challenges presented by the changing business scenario in the Banking and Financial Services marketplace.

To see what business opportunities Intellect can bring for your specific case, please feel free to approach us with any questions or initial documents to start your project discussion.