Real Estate

With the advent of Internet the way a user buy/sell/rent  property has changed dramatically. Along with this change world over the Real Estate market is experiencing a boom so finding the right house or apartment within ones budget has become a big challenge.  Which has resulted in more and more buyers feeling that they have to start the information gathering process far ahead before talking to a Realtor. This has resulted in  having web presence for  builder, developer, real estate agent, mortgage broker, insurance provider a must in order to gain competitive edge.

Realtors, mortgage broker, insurance provider are not very tech savvy, so they depend on all kinds of vendors, who sell them really just about anything at a exorbitant cost. The standard solution provided by some vendors are not very flexible and very restrictive. Also in order to standout lot of realtors need custom solutions. This is where Intellect Software Solutions can help.

We provide custom solutions to our clients at a very low cost.  We can help you streamline your processes. We can design and develop a custom website just for you and also help you in Internet Marketing. A web presence enables the realtors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents reach wider potential customers any time and also deliver data real time. We can also help design and develop Real Estate Portals. The portals provide a centralized storage of business data and enhances communication between real estate agents, brokers and assistants.

Our Real Estate Development services include:

  • Web Design & Development

    – Creative website designing, E-Commerce website, Portals, Web application development, Intranet and Extranet development.

  • Client/Server/Desktop Applications

    – Database driven application, Report generation.

  • Workflow Automation

    – Streamlining Processes, Contact Management , CRM

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

    – Expertise in ethical search engine optimization techniques for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

  • Internet Marketing / E-Marketing

    – Affiliates, Banner Advertisement, Pay Per Click, SEO, Rich Multimedia.

  • Multimedia Solutions

    – Online Audio-Video Tours, CD/DVD’s, Brochure Design, Self-Guided Tutorials.

To outsource your real estate application development please feel free to approach uswith any questions or initial documents to start your project discussion.