Retail & Distribution

Innovation is driving the retail industry with an ever-increasing need to retain and attract consumers. Significant impact of technology and internet can be seen in this industry with automation of operations such as inventory planning and control, sales tracking, and shipping. This has changed the way retailers transact with customers, from marketing to e-commerce. But while the logistics of retail may be changing, retailers’ mission remains the same: to entice consumers, to convert merchandise into cash, recover money invested in business and ensure best possible return on investment.

While the most common types of retailers include department, specialty stores, superstores and wholesale clubs, factory outlets, and catalog companies, the retail industry a introduced a new realm of shopping ‘on-line’ which is becoming more prevalent in the present day.

Whatever is the type of goods or service a retailer sells, customer loyalty has been the other key focus area to ensure long term growth and profits. The key to success in retail is in early adoption of technologies that enhance consumer experience and both retailers and manufacturers alike have learnt to better use technology to understand customer demands and focus on customer service to building lasting relationships and creating an appealing shopping experience, whether it is online, over the phone, or in a store.

With the fluctuating economy and factors such as businesses operating on a global terrain, the wide choices availability to consumers and shortened life cycle for products has made both retailers and manufacturers adopt innovative techniques and adopt best practices such as collaboration for supply chain, scientific retailing methods etc to ensure competitive advantage in the market place.

Our Retail & Distribtion Software Development services include:

  • Customer Loyalty Program.
  • Inventory & Billing application.
  • Promotion managment system.
  • Point of Sale (POS) application and Backoffice application.

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