Deregulation, broadband, mobile communications, convergence, triple play — whether you see these as daunting challenges or incredible opportunities, you need solutions that will ensure your company succeeds in today’s fast changing Telecom industry. The need for software services within the telecom sector has been steadily increasing over the years, especially with the demand for telecommunication services.

At Intellect, we offer an array of software services within the telecom and networking sectors. Our services include the following:

  • Design & development of telecom software solutions
  • Testing
  • Standard compliance testing
  • Customization of the developed telecom software solutions
  • Maintenance of the developed telecom software solutions

Depending on your requirements, we offer turn-key solutions (for fixed requirements) or time and material solutions (for more dynamic requirements).

We also offer service related to Operational Support Systems (OSS) area.  We specialize in software development related to Fault-Management, Configuration Management, Accounting (Administration), Performance Monitoring & Security Management (FCAPS) functionality for Element Management System (EMS) and Network Management System (NMS) for equipment vendors. In addition to this we also provide solutions related to Service Management Systems (SMS) and  Business Management Systems (BMS).

In the EMS and NMS domain we provide the following service related to Operation and Administration (O&M) domain:


  • Alarm Management
  • Alarm Consolidation
  • Alarm Filtering
  • Alarm Correlation
  • Alarm Propagation
  • Alarm Escalation
  • Alarm Forwarding
  • Log Management


  • Configuring the Node
  • Software Management
    – Software Upgrade
    – Software Backup & Restore
  • Inventory Management
  • Service Activation
  • Scheduled Configuration
    – Scheduled Upgrade
    – Scheduled Backup
  • Off-line Configuration
  • Synchronization


  • Performance Monitoring & Scheduling
  • Schedule Management
  • Trend Analysis
  • Diagnostic Logging
  • Offline Data Parsers
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • On Demand Reporting
  • Threshold support – Fault Detection


  • Authentication
  • Role based Authorization
  • Data-level Authorization
  • Intrusion detection & recovery
  • Standards Based (JAAS)

In the Service Management Systems (SMS) and Business Managmenet Systems (BMS) area we provide the following service:


  • SP to SP Gateway
  • Service Activation/Management
    – Order management
    – Inventory
    – Provisioning
    – Subscriber self provisioning
    – Flow through/real time provisioning
    – Network element modeling
    – Validation & scheduling
    – Service activation
    – Failure handling & recovery, etc


Customer Care

  • Order entry
  • Order Status Display
  • Customer Profile
  • Customer self service
  • Customer data (accounts/ contracts)
  • Product configuration


  • Modeling of billing systems
  • Billing system interfaces and synchronization