Handhelds & Mobile Sofware Application Development

Over the past decade, Mobile, Handheld devices & Smartphones have transformed the way we live and do business. Mobile & Handhelds devices are increasingly used to connect to enterprise IT network. As a result, mobile & handhelds computing devices will need to provide the same level of security and interoperability as that of traditional handsets, and a performance level similar to PCs.

We at Intellect can help your organization in mobile-enabling your business. We have got expertise in providing solutions to small, medium and large enterprises related to Mobile software application design & development. Intellect also help companies in identifying mobile applications which will enable improvements in business workflow.

We have provided solutions for:

  • Barcode / RFID based Inventory management software for Warehousing and Retail industry.
  • Production Tracking Software for Manufacturing industry.
  • SMS integration in Desktop and Web application.
  • Synchronization of Handheld device data with Backoffice data.
  • Mobile Phone based Sales (Field) Force Reporting System Field person can report easily with mobile installed application. The data can be send via SMS or GPRS connection to the server.
  • Mobile Phone based Order Placement System. Easy to place order from cell-phone installed mobile application, there is no internet or computer required. The application can even Get Rate of products and also find out the Order Status from the cell phone. There will be some integration involved with the back office server. The data from the mobile phone can be send via SMS or GPRS connection.
  • Advertisement solution for Mobile Phone along with Back Office Server solution.
  • GSM Software for sending and recieving Bulk SMS from the Desktop. Can be used with your Mobile Phone or via a GSM Modem or Edge Modem card.
  • SMS Sender Application for Desktop. SMS Broadcast application allows you to send SMS from the convenience of your desktop with high speed and processing power.

We have got expertise in doing software development based on technologies such as J2ME, BREW, .NET Compact, WAP, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, ANDROID, iPhone, Blackberry, Pocket PC & Symbian OS. We also help businesses in embedded software development. To learn more about the skills we offer please click here.

To see what business opportunities Intellect can bring for your specific case, please feel free to approach us with any questions or initial documents to start your project discussion.