Web Services

The standards behind XML and Web Services promise to fundamentally change the way technology enables business ecosystems. Connectivity and Interoperability of collaborative processes is key to unleashing the hidden value in so-called legacy applications. Web Services enable organizations to expose the services available in these systems, which can then be knitted together to rapidly deploy composite applications that cross not only system boundaries, but can be connected to suppliers and customers. Web-Services provide an easy integration with the external entities but without binding them with specific languages and platforms. It provides a loose coupling where XML forms the underlying interfacing standard.

Intellect provides solutions based on Web services to small, medium & large enterprises. Intellect understands the market and the hype because we have been working with clients to build their large, transaction systems and have already completed projects involving Web services.

We understand where Web services are applicable in an enterprise, how to leverage the different standards (UDDI, SOAP, WSDL, XML), and how to incorporate them into a larger solution. Whether the tasks involves an enterprise portal solution or integrating disparate systems, Intellect has the relevant experience to help you define the right architecture, pick the right tools, and implement Web services where they make sense.

Our Web Services Offerings  include:

  • Defining which business processes can be enabled via Web services. This can greatly enhance your ability to interact across divisions, with customers, and with partners
  • Giving access to the different transactions and data sets locked in your enterprise by leveraging Web services technologies.
  • Defining the architecture and toolsets for developing Web services
  • Implementing Web services
  • Implementing the operational model through which you deliver Web services

To see what business opportunities Intellect can bring for your specific case, please feel free to approach us with any questions or initial documents to start your project discussion.